New Clarineter

New Clarineter

New Clarineter    06:31 on Friday, November 02, 2012          

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Posted by woodclarinets

Well I am going to be learning the clarinet next year. We got to meet the teacher today but I seriously don't know much about the clarinet. Can anyone help me and give me some advice?


Re: New Clarineter    20:42 on Friday, November 02, 2012          

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Posted by jim22

I think we need a little more info on your background. Do play any other instruments?

1. You need a functional instrument.
2. You need a student-friendly mouthpiece.
3. It's all about the Reed.
4. Reeds are trouble.
5. I have found the ATG Reed finishing system useful
6. Having a teacher will accelorate your learning greatly.


Re: New Clarineter    00:52 on Wednesday, November 07, 2012          

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Posted by sherwinjtb

If you want to make some noise then make sure your breathing is maximized. Increased control of your diaphragm muscles is a bonus. In other words - get fit. A dry reed will make you squeak heaps so keep it moist. Dry the insides of the clarinet often as it hinders the sound. Also, don't get the keys wet because they can rust. Don't force the joints together. Get some cork grease so the rubber has less friction. Packing the clarinet all the time in its case can get burdensome at home. Just buy a clarinet stand.


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