new to clarinet - have some questions

new to clarinet - have some questions

new to clarinet - have some questions    09:13 on Sunday, July 28, 2013          

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Posted by neosmith

I would like to start clarinet (Bb) and I need to start on the right foot, so I thought who better to ask than the clarinet players.

I am almost 11 years old, taller for my age, the question is whether I could start with a standard size clarinet or I should get the smaller size, for children.

2nd question is if you can advise me where to find a decent clarinet on a budget (I would like to spend no more than a couple hundred dollars for it). I won't mind an used one as long as it is good and it will last me a few good years without having to upgrade to another one. How do I recognize a clarinet on the market that will be good for me? If anybody is nice to enough to give me his opinion on some instruments that I might see online please let me know.

I already play violin, piano and bit of recorder, so I'm not new to music. Can you please recommend a good book/manual/method to follow? Good websites and any other kind of resources you might know.

I'm going to locate a local teacher to help me get going, but I have to wait few weeks for that so for now I have to rely on advice that I hope I will get from you.
Many thanks in advance guys!

Re: new to clarinet - have some questions    14:35 on Sunday, July 28, 2013          

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Posted by clarinet99

Hello Neo.
At your age a standard size Bb clarinet should be appropriate. For your budget I would recommend used clarinets , rather than cheap new ones, and I think the best are either a Vito by Leblanc, or a Bundy by Selmer. They are both well made with strong keywork, and they play in tune with themselves. Good mouthpieces are either Fobes Debut or Hite Premier.

Good luck.


Re: new to clarinet - have some questions    21:52 on Sunday, July 28, 2013          

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Posted by vionet

Hi! I have been playing clarinet for about three years. I have much experience and have performed for important events as well as weddings and church performances. I would recommend starting with a regular sized clarinet. Smaller ones are generally designed for 7 years old or younger. A beginner should start with a relatively cheap plastic clarinet, however any clarinet under a hundred bucks is NO GOOD. A good book to start with is "Accent on Achievement (for clarinet)". I began on this one and still play a few tunes from it now and then. Clarinet involves a lot of hard work and patience, as even creating decent sound can be a struggle. Stay persistent and motivated and you will succeed! A size 2 reed is good to start with. After a few weeks if you are ready, switch to 2 1/2. EVENTUALLY you will want around a size 3 reed. Feel free to ask any questions I may have overlooked! happy clarineting

Re: new to clarinet - have some questions    03:34 on Tuesday, July 30, 2013          

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Posted by neosmith

thanks a lot for your valuable input!

Re: new to clarinet - have some questions    01:14 on Sunday, August 18, 2013          

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Posted by Mad_Fales321

Well since you're taller for your age...A standard size of clarinet would fit you pretty well. I don't exactly want to recommend a type of clarinet because it depends on the music store you go to, most music stores tend to have private lessons teachers's contact information, and the employees will most likely help you find the correct instrument for you. You can't really base your clarinet off of people's suggestions because you might have a different sound to the instrument. I would recommend though getting a wooden clarinet other then a plastic one...but that all depends on where you're using it. Wooden instruments are not for outdoors, if you do marching or like playing outside, then using a plastic clarinet would be best, but if it's for concert band or orchestra, then a wooden clarinet would be better for you. Instead of completely buying the instrument, see if your store has a rental program, it'll be a good thing to do... because you may not keep playing it if you decide to. Since your starting off, don't go buying professional models or mouthpieces, they won't really help you, just stick with a basic beginner level clarinet, the mouthpiece that comes with it, and since it's the first time with a clarinet, get 2 and a half strength Rico reeds, a cleaning kit, cork grease (if they don't give it to you w/t the clarinet) and for method books, I would recommend the Essential Elements Band Methods for Clarinet book 1, since there's a fingering chart in the back... and that's what I used. I'd buy another book that sparks your interest, like jazz or pop or movie music in the thin paper cover books, so you don't get bored with the basics. A little piece of advice: learn the notes before you learn all the techniques and articulation, because most music as it progresses will require something my band teacher calls 'the break' which is the transition from the middle Bb to the middle B natural, since you will use the register key. A clarinet uses a register keys to create a higher pitched note, and the break from middle G, middle A, middle B and middle C will be the most important notes in most band pieces. A lot of them won't have it, but there are several 'breaks' from the clarion register (middle register) to the altissimo register (high register). I hope this helped, and I hope you like the instrument. It's really a good instrument to learn, because later on you could branch off to a saxophone. Good Luck and happy clarinet-playing!


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