cannot play the cladrinet any more

cannot play the cladrinet any more

cannot play the cladrinet any more    01:37 on Wednesday, December 25, 2013          

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Sorry about the cross post but I wanted everyone to know wha that happened to me.

Hi all,With many years pf playing, especially my patricola, I may have to give it up.I have a very bad immune deficiency that has given me so many pnunomias that my lungs are too scarred to get enough wind to play for a whole piece. I bought an Akai 4000s and a vlm80 with the patchman turbo rom. But it doesn't have the feel Of my real clarinet. The EWI does sound gpod and I think I can make it work for my trio. It is sad though that i cannot play the real thing. I will also have to get rid of my yaginasawa 901 alto and soprano as well but thats what cards I was dealt. I am a patient of the NIH national institutes of health and they do not think my lungs will com back either. Thank goodness for synths that will still allow me to be active in music.SteveSteve Lewis


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