Difference in levels

Difference in levels

Difference in levels    19:38 on Monday, January 01, 2018          

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Posted by Etsa1218

Hello, I am new to the 8notes scene, this is .y first post. I have a question regarding what the difference in levels of a clarinet player is. What is the difference between a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player? I am in my freshman year of high school, but I can play until super E, and can do some pretty advanced techniques, but because I am in a high school band, never need to use them. What would I be, advanced or intermediate, I want to know so I can seek a private lesson instructor.

Re: Difference in levels    06:27 on Wednesday, January 03, 2018          

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Posted by TerenceLayzell

Your level is as given by your highest grade pass. What is it? Are you grade 5 or above? If you don't know then how can we tell you?


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