Which Oboe brands to avoid?

Which Oboe brands to avoid?

Which Oboe brands to avoid?    14:16 on Thursday, July 03, 2003          
(iplayedin band)
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I was looking for a used oboe and I see on ebay that there are a lot of Selmer and Bundy plastic oboes. I used to play a Linton oboe in high school and it sucked pretty bad. So are there any oboes that you would tell me to stay away from? I`m thinking about buying a selmer oboe because I think it looks pretty good, but please tell me if i am wrong!

Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    01:03 on Saturday, July 05, 2003          
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Do not buy a selmer! I repeat do not buy a selmer! You will be very disappointed. I have yet to come across a selmer with a smooth even scale. I think they make only plastic oboes and they produce a thin "tinny" sound.

Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    16:39 on Sunday, July 06, 2003          
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Fox and RenardFox are the best

Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    16:47 on Sunday, July 06, 2003          
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No get a loree! Or a laubin, but depends...no get a yamaha, lol!

Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    19:04 on Sunday, July 06, 2003          
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Here`s the short answer: Any company that makes multiple types of instruments makes pretty bad oboes. Selmer and Bundy are actually the same company, and excepting maybe their very very top models (the Selmer 101 and 104`s), they aren`t even remotely worth the money. Artleys are also pretty bad.

The exceptions to that rule are Yamaha and Buffet oboes. Yamaha oboes have a pretty good rep, especially their higher models (the intermediate YOB-410 and YOB-411 and anything above that). I have heard nothing but good things about these two companies from double reed shops and teachers.

You can`t go wrong with F. Loree (or their student line, Cabart), Fox, or MCW Oboes--all are highly reputable. Higher level Rigoutat, Howarth, and Fossati`s are less common but also excellent. Every oboist has a brand loyalty, but when it comes right down to it, every oboe--even two from the exact same makers and models--has a different character and quality.

My best advice for dealing on Ebay is to make sure you know the EXACT model number of the oboe you`re buying, and preferably a serial number. If you can get the owner to give you service records (ask for store names and locations, and hope they mention reputable double reed specialists). If you`re really lucky, you`ll find an instrument in your area and you can drive out to play it before you buy, but that`s asking a lot from an Ebay purchase.

The number one hazard on Ebay is that the instrument could be a total lemon, or worse, a counterfeit. Buying from a music store that deals through Ebay helps combat that. Ebayers can also get into price wars and pay more than they need to for an instrument--getting a sniping program will combat that by bidding your maximum at the last second, before anyone has time to do anything about it. There are plenty available at download.com. I recommend Auction Sentry, I use it myself.

Another quick rule of thumb: As someone who has recently shopped on Ebay for an oboe and knows what she`s doing, I have NEVER seen anything but the most unworthy beginner models sell for less than $500 on Ebay. Be ready to spend at least that much. If you`re willing to spend $1000, you could get an instrument that will last at least until, if not halfway through, a college music program.

Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    19:23 on Sunday, July 06, 2003          
(Adam Parnell)
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Jn4Jenny is absolutely right! The points she delievered are right on. Selmer is okay for beginning oboists with no experience, but NOT for an upgrade model. The best intermidiate model oboe i have run across are the Fox oboes and my personal favorite, the Rigoutat RIEC. If you want to spend a little more, a Yamaha 841+t oboe is a great oboe for less money than any new Loree. Loree is the standard of the country and would play much better than the oboe you have now... The Buffet Greenline oboe is excellent because it will never crack, and is about the same $$$$ as a Loree.

Hope this helps!


Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    09:27 on Thursday, July 24, 2003          
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i`m not gonna read that huge post before I put in my 2 cents...so forgive me if i repeat anything that was in it.
I would definitly not buy a selmer.. or any other multy instrument company..although yamaha do make one really good model..but it cracks easily.
I would go for a brand that is well knoen for it`s oboe production..like Howath or rigoutaut.
general rule of thumb.. if it sounds fancy.. then it probably is...most of all

Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    19:02 on Tuesday, July 29, 2003          
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by a laubin oboe. the only oboe that has stable scale and CUSTOM made .the only oboe that has personality

Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    19:16 on Tuesday, July 29, 2003          
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Whao, someone stop the presses? Ok Misha, or whatever, i dont` think you know what you are talking about. Seriously, other oboes have a even scales. Yamaha oboes are custom made, see Laubin`s aren`t all they are cut out to be. You know that sleeve they put in the back to stop the cracking, well that sleeve also stops the vibration of the wood and can ruin some of the top notes or make them harder to play. (not all laubin`s are like this mind you) just because everyone wants a laubin ( i want a yamaha, and am gettin` one) doesn`t mean they are the best


Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    19:57 on Tuesday, July 29, 2003          
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hey, don`t know if it`d interest anyone, but since we`re on the topic of buying oboes... maybe if someone`s in the georgia (somewhere) area....there`s a Loree oboe in the classifieds for $4500...if we had that money, i might`ve gotten it....but...oh well
hope y`all are having a great(!) summer...


Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    21:10 on Tuesday, July 29, 2003          
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Loree is the best. Period. I personally have a Selmer and I like it. I`m a clarinet player so I wouldn`t know as much as a person who plays oboe as their main instrument, but I like Buffet, Selmer and Loree. I have a Selmer 102 I believe, or something like that- it`s in the shop right now so I can`t look at the model #. I know it is grenadilla wood (I don`t know why someone earlier said they don`t make wooden oboes) and has silver plated keys and metal tenon caps with a modified conservatory system I think. The only thing it doesn`t have is the 3rd octave key but I know it`s the top of the line Selmer. I like it over the Buffets I`ve tried but if you`re going with one I liked the 4052 i think it was. Jn4Jenny seems very knowledgeable so listen to her.


Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    00:57 on Wednesday, July 30, 2003          
(Adam Parnell)
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I think it is silly to say any oboe is good or not good. Of course there are some brands that are totally terrible, but as far as Laubins, Lorees, Yamahas, Buffets, Rigoutats etc., there is NO ultimate best oboe. There is YOUR best though. For me, Lorees feel too closed, and tends to be flat for my style of reed in the upper register. For me, Rigoutat has the best feel and response. My best friend oboist, can`t play rigoutats but sound amazing on a buffet, and thinks Lorees are okay but not great. Its all a matter of the best oboe for you, and your style of reed. Yamaha, Buffet, Laubin, Loree, Marigaux and Rigoutat all make great oboes. They all have great reputations, but also EVERY ONE OF THEM is put down by someone. This is only because certain brands aren`t right for certain people. So its fine if you suggest a brand that has worked well for you, but try not to say that it is the one and only brand, because it may not be the right oboe for the prospective oboe purchaser.

Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    22:58 on Wednesday, July 30, 2003          
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What do you think of the Fox PRO 400? I`m interested in buying one for my high school freshman who has been playing for over 4 years and is ready to move up a level.

Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    23:53 on Wednesday, July 30, 2003          
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Yes! Actually some oboes to try in the 4000 range would be the fox, a yamaha, fossati, and buffet. It all depends on what you are going for though. My dad is buying me an oboe because he hopes to save some money in college, if i can get a scholarship. So it all depends on how much you want to spend, and what your son`s playing style is. He has to choose the oboe, so I recommend ordering three foxes from Midwest Musical Imports (www.mmimports.com) and have him try them out for two weeks or so. Hope this hleps!

Re: Which Oboe brands to avoid?    10:58 on Wednesday, August 13, 2003          
(John Rogers)
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I really enjoyed reading this thread. It brought back a lot of memories, ugh, maybe too many memories.<g> Oboes I have owned, in chronological order: a $200.00 plastic Bundy(Selmer), a Loree`, a Laubin and a Gordet. I still have the Laubin and the Gordet. All of them played and were acceptable to my skill level and needs at that time. Each has its own peculiarities, limitations, and good qualities. My English Horns were a plastic Linton, an open hole Selmer and a "fluke of nature" Loree`.

See "A Great Oboe is a Fluke of Nature" by Alvin Swiney.(pronounced Sweeney) http://www.corkpad.com/fluke.html
Alvin was the last apprentice to the great repairman Hans Moenning (Hans did Marcel Tabuteau`s horns!!)

Just as "a good reed" varies from player to player (as in Goosens vs. Tabuteau`s style), it seems to me that the bottom line in oboes is what works best for you! You just have to be careful. There are lemons due manufacture error, poor repair and maintenance or abuse.

As is said, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." So please pass that plate of Yamaha`s, LOL.



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