Uncontrolled Jealousy.........

Uncontrolled Jealousy.........

Uncontrolled Jealousy.........    23:02 on Thursday, October 26, 2006          

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Posted by choc_powder

in the orchestra i play the 2nd oboe parts and my boyfriend plays 1st oboe...

well u see..the conductor says that he can play faster than me but i have a more broader and better tone...

i was used to this..and i was used to taking over his solo parts..he always had a hint of jealousy behind him..but after 3 months he changed...his tone was SUPERB!!! and now..he's taking all his solo parts back..

i should be proud of him right??
but why does such things like "jealousy" just HAD to appear...
i got jealous..and i still am...i seldom talk to him nor help him practise...i know is should stop all this jealousy..but..how??? anyhelp??

and by the way..can any of u give me tips on tuning "a" and "b"(natural) my "b" is always flat...so flat its sad..ugh...

Re: Uncontrolled Jealousy.........    15:43 on Monday, October 30, 2006          

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Posted by Leoml88

just practice more until your better than him.

Re: Uncontrolled Jealousy.........    13:02 on Sunday, November 05, 2006          

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Posted by LoreeOboeNEH

The problem with your a and b's being flat could be your oboe, that kind do you play. also it could be your reed. Most likely its your oboe since its only those two notes.

Re: Uncontrolled Jealousy.........    11:14 on Tuesday, December 19, 2006          

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Posted by Oboe

There really isn't a reason for jealousy. I played second oboe part in my orchestra for a while until I was placed in first part. Any professional musician will tell you that playing second oboe is hard - oftentimes harder than playing first part. The first oboe tunes - yes, they are supposed to be in tune when they tune the rest of the orchestra, but nonetheless, everyone tunes to them. When it comes to playing, he/she must maintain intonation with the first flute and clarinet.
But what of the second oboe? Well, is it acceptable for the second oboe to be playing perfectly in tune when the first oboe is a little flat? Absolutely not. The second oboe must stay in tune with the first oboe, as well as said flute and clarinet.
So the challenge is always greater, and if you can play the second part just as well as the first oboist can play his/her part, and be in tune with him/her you have accomplished a very great thing and should be proud of yourself.
What I was told all through high school and some of college is this - if the second part wasn not important, it would not have been written. The second oboe gets solos as well, I know, I had solos in my part that would combine, proceed, or preced the first oboe part.
Best of luck. It's good to have someone beside you that you can get along with, sometimes that's very opposite the case.

Re: Uncontrolled Jealousy.........    21:00 on Wednesday, December 27, 2006          

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Posted by sexi_oboe_boi

i totally agree with the person on top of me.
i think the second part is alwayas harder then first.
unless theres some really hard solo or something.
but the second part always plays the harmony below the first part. and often the harmony is harder then the melody.
and its true that if the second part wasnt important. the composer wouldnt write it.

2nd part is just as important as the 1st part.
every part is just as important as the others.



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