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Posted by nadav223

in other vibrato posts they say to "ha!" or to pulse (diaphram vibrato) can you explain it in another way, and how do you know if your doing the right thing?

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Posted by lionheart3104

vibrato on the oboe is very similar to vibrato of the voice. If you can produce it while singing, try to apply the same idea to your oboe playing.

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Posted by Flute_Manic021

There is an easy way to tell if you are doing a true vibrato or not. When using your diaphram, your lower stomach should expand. Also, when doing vibrato on oboe, make sure you are vibrating your airstream not lips.

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Posted by Leoml88

vibrato actually comes from the throat more than the diaphragm. the diaphragm is good for support, but in order to get a faster, more brilliant vibrato, you really need to learn to use your throat.

My professor taught me a good exercise to learn to use your throat. Whistle "Yankee Doodle," but very fast, and very staccato. You should here a sort of sound in your throat, and feel your throat pulsing. Its a good way to understand the concept of throat vibrato

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Posted by oboistfrk

check out Martin Schuring's site:

This site has lots of excellent articles on the oboe and different aspects of playing.


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