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Posted by bobo

ok. i play clarinet for like 5 years now and i wanted to try oboe and i was wondering if playing on a oboe reed kind of hard because i can make a sound off the reed and thats all i know about that right now

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Posted by oboegirl

I'm sorry I don't really understand your question. Are you asking if it is ok to use a hard reed? It is fine as long as you can play on it. There isn't one hardness of reed that works for everybody. Some people prefer softer reeds over harder reeds and vice versa. you need to play on the strength of reed that works for you.

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Posted by ojoe

it all mattters in breath control on hard reeds you squeak easier with them

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Posted by secondoboe

I used to play the clarinet, oboe is much better (in my humble opinion). It took me a while to make a sound. Keep trying!


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