To buy or to rent

To buy or to rent

To buy or to rent    18:15 on Tuesday, September 15, 2009          

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Posted by secondoboe

I have been playing the oboe for a while, but I'd love to play the English Horn as well. My problem is, none of the schools in my county have an English Horn. So...if I want to play one, I either have to rent it or buy it. And from what I've found (in my area) most of the renting is like, at least 6th months. Can anyone give me some insight?

Re: To buy or to rent    16:33 on Wednesday, September 16, 2009          

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Posted by oboegirl

Do you mean that the music stores in your area rent for a minimum of 6 months? How often will you be playing english horn? Are there parts for it in your band music or are you playing it just for fun? If you just would like to try playing it for fun, why not just see if you can borrow one for a week or two from a college music program or if you have a teacher, see if they know where one is that you would be able to try out. It wouldn't make any sense to buy an instrument if you will hardly ever play it or decide that you don't really like it and don't want to continue with it. English horns are definatly not the cheapest instrument around! If you will need to play it for band, a youth symphony, ect., and will need it for more than 6 months, you could consider renting, but if it is something you will need very often, then you could consider buying.

Hope this helps!



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