I`m new here

I`m new here

I`m new here    02:02 on Friday, February 19, 2010          

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Posted by Rednamala

Alright, so I am seeking some help. I do not play an instrument, rather I would like to ask you to perhaps identify a part of an instrument. The predecessor of the oboe dates back to ancient times. The following link shows a small cylindrical, hollow piece of stone. It is approximately 1.3 cm wide x 3.5 cm long. This dates back to a bronze age site in the Mediterranean from around the time when the first predecessor of the oboe appears in historical and archaeological records. I thought perhaps it was a staple on which reeds were tied; this mouth piece would then be inserted into a conical wood instrument. If you might take a look and tell me if you think it is possible that this is indeed a stone staple for an ancient instrument. the two holes in the stone perplex me however. Please take a look and get back to me, the object is on the right in the picture. http://www.albany.edu/~cla/EB/pages/SKSM6.htm

Re: I`m new here    21:32 on Thursday, March 18, 2010          

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Posted by OboeNightmare

It does look possible that a reed might fit into one of the holes but at an angle.


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