i don`t know what to do...HELP!

i don`t know what to do...HELP!

i don`t know what to do...HELP!    15:33 on Monday, March 22, 2010          

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Posted by oboegirl500

so last week my low notes below a g were being weird and they alternated between not coming out at all and sounding like there was water in it. I thought it might just be the reed, so i tried different reeds and the same thing kept happening. I even tried the same reeds on a different oboe and they worked fine. I thought it might be a leak or just water stuck somewhere, so i sent it in and it just came back. They said that they replaced some springs and oiled some keys, but when i tried playing it the notes still are acting funny. Sometimes they work fine, but most of the time it either sounds like there is water in there, or the note won't come out. It mainly seems to be when I put down the e key...and it is both octaves of e...
i don't know what i should try...Help!

Re: i don`t know what to do...HELP!    15:03 on Tuesday, March 23, 2010          

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Posted by contra448

Try using higher finger pressure on each RH key in turn & see what happens - you will probably find that things will improve on one key.

If one of these improves things the best idea best idea is to send it back to the repair people with a written note to say what you have discovered & leave it to them to sort - random tweaking of the many adjusting screws on oboes can easily make matters much worse.

My guess is that it is most likely to be the F# (RH1). If this is the case the arm which goes from the top of the F# key over the G# key at the bottom of the top joint has probably got mis-aligned. To further test rotate the two joints a bit so that the F# arm misses the G# key (Take care not to get other keys tangled together while doing this - which is a major cause of this arm getting bent & other damage) & try playing again.

Good luck.


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