Help: Semi-Auto or Full-Auto for Beginner?

Help: Semi-Auto or Full-Auto for Beginner?

Help: Semi-Auto or Full-Auto for Beginner?    12:47 on Friday, September 17, 2010          

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Posted by deandome

I'll spare the convoluted story as to how this all came to be, but basically, I am faced with the option of purchasing a new, Schreiber 7070 oboe at the same, sub-$2K price as the Schreiber 7060. Please don't say "get a Fox/Yamaha/Loree"; I'm sick of online research & I know these are fine, intermediate oboes at a very good price (get me a new Fox 333 at that price & we'll talk )

As you may know, these are identical...not close, IDENTICAL TO the Buffet 4052 and 4057 models (another long story that I can get into if you want), and pretty much identical to each other, but...

the 7060 is 'semi-automatic', and the 7070 is fully-automatic....that's it. Of course, the full-auto models cost a good-deal more than the semi-auto ones, but after reading up on the differences, that doesn't mean 'better'; it's a preference thing.

This is for my 10 yo son who's just starting out; my logic for going this route is that if he quits in 1-10 years, I can re-sell if for only a few $hundred$ less than I paid for it, vs. renting-to-own a crappey yamaha 211...paying $1500+ & then struggling to get $400 on ebay.

SO...recommending for a beginner, not yourself...if presented with two nearly identical oboes of the same brand; one semi-auto & one full-auto..but at the price of the semi-auto...what would you suggest?

Thank you...this forum has been a lot of help in my online research.


Re: Help: Semi-Auto or Full-Auto for Beginner?    03:54 on Saturday, September 18, 2010          

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Posted by contra448

Go for the semi automatic.
1. Full auto can be a nightmare when it goes out of adjustment - there is enough to go out of adjustment on oboes without that extra worry.
2. The full auto restricts alternative fingerings for very high notes - although not a problem for a beginner.
3. I feel the price of the fully auto oboe will drop more than the semi as they aren't as popular. Which is probably why the 7070 is being offered at the same price as the 7060.

Re: Help: Semi-Auto or Full-Auto for Beginner?    06:54 on Tuesday, October 05, 2010          

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Posted by Trombi

The Semi-automatic is mush more common except for in Germany I think, but the Full-automatic models slowly gets more and more of the market. At the same price, I choose the full-automatic, but for a youth I probably take Semi-automatic.

Re: Help: Semi-Auto or Full-Auto for Beginner?    10:24 on Friday, November 26, 2010          


I'd recommend Semi. Helps the beginner learn the fingerings, doesn't restrict them, and better re-sale value.

Re: Help: Semi-Auto or Full-Auto for Beginner?    20:08 on Saturday, December 18, 2010          

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Posted by oboeluv123

Again, semi-auto. Also, just in case your son does decide to get serious about oboe, he can still learn the third octave fingerings even if they are more complicated. I borrow a semi-auto from my school and I still made 1st chair at the past Band Clinic. So, to an extent, a good tone relies on the the oboe. But it also relies on the player and the reed. But make sure that before you commit to any oboe, see if your son can try it out or get a warranty. You don't want to get stuck with a bad oboe. My experience with Shreiber hasn't been good, and I know that's your only option, so be sure to be able to test the oboe first.

Good luck!

Re: Help: Semi-Auto or Full-Auto for Beginner?    07:59 on Monday, December 20, 2010          

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Posted by oboelover97

I wouldn't buy such an advanced style of oboe if he is only starting out, but buy a beginner one that is semi- automatic as it is easier to learn as I play all three types


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