Can someone confirm this note?

Can someone confirm this note?

Can someone confirm this note?    16:50 on Monday, September 30, 2013          

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Posted by paclue

Hello~ I'm a new 8notes member and yeah... I play the oboe...

Anyways, my band is playing several songs and this particular song... "One with the Wind" by Matt Conaway.... And its really bugging me when I hear the recording but in bar 6 on the oboe line, I keep hearing the oboist play from the dotted quarter Bb to A natural then F then G. But however on the conductor score + oboe score its a sustained Bb to F to G.

I'm just a little curious as to what others are hearing =) I personally find Bb - A - F - G much more suitable to me since I can move from A to F easily than hold Bb to F without tonguing too hard or actually losing the F due to not enough air ._.

I'm still playing what the conductor wrote so I'm not making up any notes =) I just want confirmation that what I'm hearing is the oboist in the recording playing an A or possibly doing something to that note that I'm hearing something else.

The website to hear this and see the score is here:

Re: Can someone confirm this note?    14:44 on Monday, November 25, 2013          

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Posted by art_wolf

Sorry...when you say dotted quarter, do you mean dotted crotchet??


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