Flute Player needing Oboe help!!!

Flute Player needing Oboe help!!!

Flute Player needing Oboe help!!!    19:32 on Monday, June 01, 2015          

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Posted by Kjdoyle

I am a Music Ed and Flute performance major in college; next semester I am taking oboe lessons, but my school is asking me to get my own oboe. I plan on going to grad school to get a masters in multiple woodwind performance and to get into a school i would really like to start early. Back to the topic of oboes.. I am actually interested in purchasing an oboe. Being a flute player the only two brands i know about are Yamaha and Loree. I do know that I would like one made out of wood and that it has the LH F key and the Low B. I would also like to add that I don't want it to break the bank, but for someone that knows absolutely nothing... What Brand/ Model number would you personally recommend for me? And would you pay a little bit more for a nicer oboe or just by an intermediate oboe? ALSO I would not like to buy a step instrument, i really want this one to last for the rest of my years.

Thank You For Your Help!!!!

Re: Flute Player needing Oboe help!!!    16:34 on Friday, June 12, 2015          

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Posted by Hotboy

It really depends on your budget. If you have $2,500 to spend, you can get a modified conservatory instrument that's 3-8 years old in top condition. Modified conservatory has almost all the keys, including left F, and are usually missing only a few keys mostly used by professionals, such as the split ring, banana key, or 3rd octave. A modified conservatory instrument will serve you well until you become a very good player and need a professionally equipped instrument. For $3-5K, you can get a new instrument or a used professional instrument. A Loree will run you about $8K these days.

I also recommend that you consider a plastic instrument. Contrary to what you may have heard, top makers like Loree, Marigaux, Buffet, Yamaha, Fox, Howarth, Fossati, and Bulgheroni offer all-plastic or plastic top joint instruments that have a great sound and feel, with the added benefit (especially for a student) of being impervious to cracking.

A very good vendor is Hannah Selznick, who deals in pre-owned instruments. She can send you a list of what she has available in your price range. http://www.hannahsoboes.com/


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