Mystery Buffet Crampon oboe (no serial number)

Mystery Buffet Crampon oboe (no serial number)

Mystery Buffet Crampon oboe (no serial number)    15:01 on Sunday, April 10, 2016          

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Posted by snoikey

Hi all, I am trying to find some information about the history of my oboe. It's stamped Buffet Crampon Paris.

It all seems a bit odd as there's no serial number anywhere that I can see, but also it doesn't look like there's ever been one removed; there are no scuff marks or anything like that on the wood. There are two initials at the front at the top of the middle section, under a key, which are difficult to make out but could be BC or BF or BB. The stamps look like they used to have gold inlay but this has mostly worn away. It has had several holes sealed up with brown and black stuff on the upper and middle sections.

I've owned it for about 12 years, since I was 14, and the shop owner at the time said he thought it was about 80 years old, which would date it to the early/mid 1920s - I don't know why he thought that as I can't see any identification!

Has anyone come across an oboe with no serial number before, and why might this be? Any ideas how I can find out its age? Also, any ideas about why some of the holes might have been sealed up, e.g. maybe it could have been a Conservatoire model in the past?

Photos (you can go through these to the left/right if you just open one):

In its case (came with the oboe, not sure if original, no makers stamp or markings inside or outside):

No serial number or scuff marks where one's been removed:

Bell with Buffet Crampon stamp and 'R' initial:

Top section with stamp and a sealed up hole:

Modified left hand fourth finger

Sealed up holes in upper section:

Initials at top of middle section:

More sealed up holes in middle section:

Sealed up holes towards bottom of middle section:

I hope someone can help as I would really like to know what's going on with my oboe!


PS - it's a thumbplate model - I'm in the UK - and was bought from Huddersfield UK.


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