New Website to review oboe reeds

New Website to review oboe reeds    13:25 on Saturday, June 11, 2016          

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Hello all,
I am in the process of creating a new website to rate and review double reeds called There was a simiar website in the past called which allowed oboist to share thoughts and reviews about reed makers and brands, but it no longer exists. This new site is not affiliated with, but I did use that site as a template for I made as an outlet to let professionals, amatuers and students share their experiences with different brands.
I am a professional oboist, teacher, and reed maker, and hope I to gather insights about what oboists are looking for in their products, what they like about my reeds and other reeds on the market, and what needs work. I found to be a great resourse for myself and the oboe community, and I think it will be benefitial to expand the concept to double reeds in general so the new site includes bassoon reed makers and bagpipe reed makers. The site is just in its infant stages, but feel free to go and check it out and leave your feedback about what could be better, or feedback about the reedmakers on there now. Please pass it along to any bassoonist or bagpipe playing friends as well.


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