Student Oboe Reeds for Sale!

Student Oboe Reeds for Sale!    07:55 on Monday, August 20, 2018          

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Posted by Oboe_Reeds

Hi! I'm an oboist studying in Edinburgh. I remember when I started playing how difficult it was to find good student reeds for a reasonable price - my parents went round numerous companies trying to find reeds that worked for my age and stage, as well as my oboe! I would buy a box of 5 reeds - maybe one would work. Thankfully I found a teacher who was able to make reeds that suited me, and now I make my own. I'm now opening this service up to others who might find it useful! Like most reed makers, I have a fixed price point - 9 a reed, + 2.95 delivery. Unlike the big companies, I am happy to take requests (for example, if your oboe is sharp, I can make a flatter reed to improve the accuracy of your tuning). Due to this bespoke process (and there is only one of me!) your reed might take a little longer to arrive. But you will have a product that suits you much better than one shop ordered. Interested?
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