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Basson Learning

Basson Learning    13:51 on Monday, July 10, 2006          

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Posted by PADAlt

hello! im a sax player and still am but i wanted to learn a second instrument. so i have two questions:
1. What is the best model of Basoon to purchase?
2. is it hard to learn to play Bass clef when ive been playing Treble clef for about 3 yrs?

Thanx for replying ppl. cya!

Re: Basson Learning    18:38 on Tuesday, July 11, 2006          

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Posted by Drew

I wouldn't purchase any expensive instrument like a bassoon until I had rented one first. This will help you decide if a bassoon is really for you. Bass clef should be easy to learn so you shouldn't worry about that. If you asked people which is the best bassoon, you will get as many replies as there are makes of bassoons (look at some of the past threads for this same subject; there are several). Talk to the music shops in your town. If none of them work on bassoons, where are you going to get it repaired? If they do, they will have some idea what they like to work on. As you're only 13, you will be stuck with these music repair shops for many years to come, so listen to their advice.

Re: Basson Learning    09:28 on Wednesday, July 12, 2006          

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Posted by PADAlt

ok, im with my high school marching band and i just found out they have a bassoon that i can use for the summer, b/c no one wants to play it, im not sure what type it is cuz its kinda old and the model type on the instrument is like scratched out. so ill try that, thanx fur your help

Re: Basson Learning    23:24 on Wednesday, July 12, 2006          

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Posted by Drew

Get yourself a medium soft Jones reed, soak it for 3 minutes before you play, and go to it! Good luck!

Re: Basson Learning    07:14 on Thursday, July 13, 2006          


Hi, i learnt to play on a fox bassoon that i rented, the make of bassoon isnt that important when you are just learning. but there are a few changes from sax to bassoon that should be noted. if you dont have a proper bassoon teacher, you WILL break your reed very quickly. ... so just make sure you learn bassoon under somone that knows it well.

secondly , good luck, you are only 13, so u still got alotta time to learn. just 1 interesting fact. In My town of adelaide , South Australia. our primary bassoonist for our symphony orchestra played sax for 6 years, and then converted to bassoon. I hope you enjoy playing the bassoon as much as we all do here on this forum. gud luck

Re: Basson Learning    14:06 on Thursday, July 13, 2006          

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Posted by PADAlt

hey thanks for replying guys,u really helped out a lot.

Re: Basson Learning    10:14 on Tuesday, January 09, 2007          

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Posted by Bassoon27

When I was play Bassoon for 3 yrs then I decided to want Tenor Saxophone for 2 or half yrs I really enjoy that but the plm is abit confused is treble clef on Sax and Bass clef on Bassoon is bit difficult like forget the note like B or high B you might get feeling different on ur mouth if you know what I mean, Peter? Try be careful and Like someone said "Don't worry about that" I'm not sure if you understand my english sentence (I'm deaf).

Hope you will find a good Bassoon and Good Luck, Peter

Cheers, Martyn.

Re: Basson Learning    15:48 on Tuesday, January 09, 2007          


AY! I would NEVER recommend renting a bassoon. If you have one at your school use that one no matter how craptacular it is. If you are serious about starting bassoon, get a Fox Renard 51 or 41. Those are spectacular beginner models. NEVER BUY ANY CHINESE OR AMERICAN (Fox is a special bassoon) BASSOONS AS THEY ARE ALL OF MEDIOCRE TO TERRIBLE QUALITY.

Just my two cents. I remember that I switched to bassoon. It's relatively confusing switch with clefs but KEEP TREBLE IN THE RECESSES OF YOUR BRAIN. One of these days if you manage to get into big orchestras, you may need to be able to read all of the clefs, specifically tenor bass and treble.

Hope this helps.

Re: Basson Learning    13:45 on Saturday, January 13, 2007          

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Posted by KingBrad

Yeah you should rent or buy a used bassoon and you should be able to play it fast because i had been learning and playing the Alto Sax and the Bassoon at the same time for 3 years now and it is easy remembering Treble and Bass Clef notes. You will get the hang of it

Re: Basson Learning    12:10 on Monday, January 22, 2007          

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Posted by MercifulMe

Lol I know your pain. I switched from Saxophone a couple years in. I'd say the biggest thing you need to worry about is not the instrument, but really your embrouchere (I can't spell ok). With saxophone, its all about the teeth on the mouthpiece, and a good bite. But with bassoon, its alot different (pushing the corners in, loosening up) so I'd greatly suggest taking private lessons, even if your nto sure about bassoon, because it will make you alot better of a player, and maybe give you a bit of help starting off to a great bassooning career ;]
I'm such a dork.

Re: Basson Learning    17:15 on Monday, January 22, 2007          

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Posted by Drew

No, you're not a dork. That's great advice.

Re: Basson Learning    06:01 on Wednesday, January 24, 2007          

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Posted by Ruth88

Lol, craptacular... brilliant.

Anyway, Bassoons are very expensive (even the cheap ones) so don't buy one before you know you like it.
I always say it doesn't matter about the make, just your own preferences, but you don't really have any preferences when you begin (you get much, much, much pickier the better you get, finding good reeds will become a bit of a nightmare) so I will say that schreiber is a very good student model.

stick with that 'craptacular' marching bands bassoon for as long as possible before you inviest in your own (I've gone on to music college to play full time and I still don't have my own instrument)

Also might be worth noting that the majority of people don't start on bassoon. Lots of people are surprised about how flute/bassoon is quite a common couple, along with sax/bassoon and clarinet/bassoon. It's because everything is easier on bassoon, much much much less competitive. We had 12 bassoonists auditioning here, and 120 flutes, just to give you an idea.
Taking up the piano helps considerably with learning bass clef. just practice lots and you'll be fluent in bass clef in no time. (hehe, wait till you get to treble)


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