Reeds?    09:29 on Friday, July 03, 2009          

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Posted by oboegirl

What is a good brand of store-bought bassoon reeds? Right now I am using Jones, but they don't sound very good. Also, are there any hand-made reeds that are really good, but not crazy expensive? I am just playing bassoon for a musical, but would prefer to sound good lol.



Re: Reeds?    19:23 on Friday, July 03, 2009          

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Posted by Drew

Try Danzi reeds. You can get them online at Miller Marketing,

Re: Reeds?    19:21 on Saturday, July 25, 2009          

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Posted by EnigmusJ4

I've been recommended to Charles reeds, they have a website, I believe. I haven't actually gotten to ordering any yet, but I've heard many good things about them and they look like a very nice establishment judging by the website. Their reeds are made to order and they can ship right to you or your local shop, I believe.

Re: Reeds?    10:01 on Sunday, July 26, 2009          

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Posted by flute_n_bassoon

personally, I love the reeds from RDG. I get a ST.Pertersberg (?) medium-soft (which is more like a medium) then shave it to my likings. They are $20.00 a pop, but well worth it.

Re: Reeds?    21:36 on Tuesday, August 18, 2009          

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Posted by angharad

I recently purchased these handmade German reeds from a seller on ebay. I can say, in all honesty, that these are the nicest, most responsive reeds I've ever encountered.

For around $50 (for 3 reeds) I think that these are well worth it.



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