New Bassoon Concerto: Against Indifference by Caleb Hugo

New Bassoon Concerto: Against Indifference by Caleb Hugo

New Bassoon Concerto: Against Indifference by Caleb Hugo    15:24 on Tuesday, December 15, 2009          

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Far too often, people go through life without considering the possibility of having some sort of eternal existence. They assume that we live, die, and that is the extent of our consciousness.

It is assumed that our senses gather information from the world around us, our intellect processes this information, and we then posses truth. But who is to say that our senses are reliable when in actuality there is irrefutable evidence that no one has an unquestionable perception. Not only that, but there are basic limitations in even an "ideal" human perception. We can only hear a very small part of the sound spectrum. Our eyes see a very limited number of colors compared to the incredible amount of wavelengths that we do not see. We create instruments to lessen these limitations, but there will always be limitations despite our triumphs.

There is an obvious limitation to the knowledge we are able to posses since we cannot sense the entire universe. It is therefore very safe to assume that we are not capable of understanding even a small part of existence. And yet many assume that what their senses detect is all that exists until their instruments tell them that there is more. But until it's proven by our limited sensitivity and knowledge, we won't believe it.

What if there is an existence so far removed from our physical senses that it cannot be defined by any instrument that we are capable of creating? No one can prove this to be false because this knowledge is by nature inaccessible. Why then would one not consider the possibility of our own consciousness having something to do with this existence that is outside of our understanding? Why would one not consider the possibility of having an eternal existence as a result of this reality that we are incapable of comprehending. If we can't fully understand existence, we must come to the conclusion that we also don't understand our own existence outside of our senses. We very well may be a being that is living in this existence we don't understand. We may very well always live in it even after the bodies that we are controlling pass on. Who has the knowledge to refute this possibility?

If we have an eternal existence, there must be a creator since evolution is dependant upon our consciousness existing only in the perceptible physical world. Procreation explains our physical existence, but it does not explain how our intangible existence comes alive. Therefore, there must be a creator that designs our being, and this creator must be alive since life does not spring from inanimate existence. If we have a living creator outside of perceptible physical existence, should it not be our primary pursuit to discover our original designer and use our freewill to do what we were designed to do?

Having an eternal existence changes everything. Indifference to this matter is inexcusable.

Movement I, To the Apathetic

"But as for those who spend their lives without a thought for this final end of life and who, solely because they do not find within themselves the light of conviction, neglect to look elsewhere, and to examine thoroughly whether this opinion is one of those which people accept out of credulous simplicity or one of those which, though obscure in themselves, none the less have a most solid and unshakable foundation: as for them, I view them very differently."

Movement II, A Lament for Doubt

"I can feel nothing but compassion for those who sincerely lament their doubt, who regard it as the ultimate misfortune, and who, sparing no effort to escape from it, make their search their principal and most serious business."

Movement III, Search and Fruition

To live a life within the context of eternal existence gives us joy beyond our understanding. Seek this truth, and it will reveal itself to you.


I have made an offcial page for this concerto now:

Do take a look at it if you're interested in this work. I plan to (or have already) rearrange my links, so if the links on this page don't work anymore it's because I've changed them. Since I can't edit this page, you'll have to visit my website if you want to download this work.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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Re: New Bassoon Concerto: Against Indifference by Caleb Hugo    19:20 on Thursday, December 17, 2009          

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