Bassoon Concertos

Bassoon Concertos

Bassoon Concertos    16:00 on Tuesday, January 26, 2010          

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Posted by DPH

If you are learning a bassoon concerto, you may want to check out this new website: is a website that provides computer generated orchestral accompaniments for concertos and other pieces for soloist and orchestra.
The orchestral accompaniments have many benefits to students:

- They enhance their performance experience, as the renditions have a much more convincing sound quality in comparison to other products of a similar vein.
- They provide students with a steady, in tune accompaniment that will help them keep the tempo, practice their entrances, and stay in tune with the orchestra.
- They offer several different tempos for each movement, providing students with an opportunity to practice slowly with an orchestral rendition that is easy to follow and pleasant to listen to.

To learn more about the website, please visit To listen to samples of the concertos, please visit the Youtube page at You can also join Soloconcertos on Facebook at


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