the new reed making weird noise...?

the new reed making weird noise...?

the new reed making weird noise...?    22:59 on Sunday, April 18, 2010          

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Posted by matilda_perry

I'm an high school oboist doubling on bassoon. (I'm pretty new to the bassoon.)
I have a question about my new reed.

I recently ordered a reed from Forrest's, and played on it for the first time today.
I left it out for a while to let it dry up, but now I hear continuous clicking noise from the reed.
Does any of you encounter this problem as well?
Is it because the reed is getting TOO dry?
I've never experienced this kind of problem with oboe reeds... so I have no idea at all!

Sorry for such a wordy explanation, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone can give me some advice.
Thank you!

Re: the new reed making weird noise...?    23:50 on Saturday, May 01, 2010          

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Posted by AK42

Check it out, it's possible you have condesation build up, or spit, in there or the bocal which could cause a cracking noise. Otherwise I'm not sure what to say except you may wish to soak bassoon reeds longer than oboe reeds and always keep them moist when playing


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