Temperature impact on bassoon

Temperature impact on bassoon

Temperature impact on bassoon    02:24 on Tuesday, June 01, 2010          

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Posted by bassoonmtius

Hello everyone,
I live in a subtropical country and wish to buy a bassoon from the USA. I know that the change in temperature from the USA to a subtropical region may affect the bassoon sound. What shall I do to minimize this temperature effect.

Re: Temperature impact on bassoon    15:20 on Wednesday, June 02, 2010          

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Posted by oldfagott

There's an interview with Alan Fox (Fox bassoons) on the internet. Basically he said that wood is affected far more by humidity and not temperature, and that plastic bassoons are the opposite, they're affected by temperature as plastic expands more readily when hot.

Re: Temperature impact on bassoon    03:18 on Saturday, June 12, 2010          

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Posted by contra448

I would say that the change in climate is unlikely to affect the sound to any appreciable extent. However you might find that keys start sticking which will be an easy thing for a repairer to sort out. As to looking after it, as with in any climate, avoid sudden changes in temperature & don't leave it sitting in the sun or in a vehicle which is parked for long periods in the sun. Over all I would think a plastic instrument is likely to survive better than a wooden one in your position. IMO the Renard/Fox models are the only plastic bassoons worth considering.


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