Basoon Master Course

Basoon Master Course

Basoon Master Course    04:17 on Wednesday, March 16, 2011          

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Posted by BasoonMC

Hello Eveyone

I want to share my idea with You guys.

My foundation wants to organize Basoon Master Course this summer in Poland with greatest musicans from Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Fryderyk's Chopin Warsaw University of Music. The course would last one or two weeks of intese practical and theoritical workshops. Price would include accomodation, visiting to music centres and museums (place of Chopin's birth etc.). Do You find it interesting? What is a price of workshops in Your countries?

Best wishes


Re: Basoon Master Course    05:06 on Monday, July 11, 2011          

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Posted by BsnDude

In a world where arts funding is being cut, this might not receive as much acclaim as I wish it otherwise would. Because deep down I wish and pray that change happens for the best, I will give some input.
If it is a music festival, I would focus around setting up a good "curriculum" so to speak. Musicians are always looking for ways to develop their confidence with audiences, with their health as musician (think Alexander technique), and to become technically better. In that respect, it is best to deal with the professors as to what they would be paid. I like the aspect of tourism as well though. Definitely advertise that and including it in your pricing will surely be attractive. Many festivals either don't have a place to accommodate their guests or offer accommodations separately.


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