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Music Literature

Music Literature    01:09 on Sunday, November 23, 2003          
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Hello, I was wondering what music pieces your band plays?

Currently I live in Hawaii and I`m a Junior who is part of the "Moanalua Syphonic Wind Ensemble", and we are preparing these pieces for our winter concert.

-Masque "Kenneth Hesketh"
-Nessun Dorma "Pucchini"
-Commando March "Samuel Barber"
-Plato`s Cave I,II,III "Stephen Melillo"

We are also representing the US in japan in 4 different concerts in march. We have received the piece:

-In The Spring "David R. Holsinger"

and we will receive other pieces as well... What pieces is your bands playing?

Re: Music Literature    17:36 on Monday, January 12, 2004          
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my band is just a regular band, in MN. but we are playing
jupiter, pilatus, ASZ, and Air from county dairy. jupiter and pilatus are really fun... what instrument do you play?


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