Very old Vinzenz Puchner Bassoon

Very old Vinzenz Puchner Bassoon

Very old Vinzenz Puchner Bassoon    01:43 on Saturday, April 27, 2013          

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Posted by MartinRDB

I bought an old Vinzenz PŁchner bassoon 10 or so years ago in Prague at the time my daughter was learning to play.

Although I dabbled with it on and off, I have been doing more with it recently.

Is there anyone who can help with information about this instrument? It has no whisper key, no high D key, no rubber lining, no rollers, as well as the mark V PŁchner Graslitz, there is a number 3 embossed on the bell and on the boot.

The instrument has obviously been extensively used, the keys and pads (probably replaced) all function well.

There is a strange key above the Bb thumb key on the boot joint, that could be for some trills. The wood is very dark and the instrument is a lot lighter than my daughter's Schreiber.

I would particularly like to know if there are any special fingering for this instrument. Unfortunately, I am a very inexpert player, so it is difficult to assess the instrument. I suspect it is a bit harder to play than a modern instrument.

Vinzenz PŁchner started in 1897. What does the '3' mean? Surely this cannot be the third instrument made?

Re: Very old Vinzenz Puchner Bassoon    16:41 on Wednesday, May 01, 2013          

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Posted by Drew

I suggest you potter around in the IDRS forum (International Double Reed Society,

You might get some information there. If you join, you can post questions and most probably get info from people there; otherwise, the forum is available for the public to lurk but not post.

Re: Very old Vinzenz Puchner Bassoon    10:39 on Tuesday, February 11, 2014          

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Posted by OliverLudlow

I know this is over six months old, but I may be able to help you. Do you still have the bassoon? Could you upload some picture? We have had Vinzens Puchner bassoons at our company, which have been overhauled to a high standard, and I have played them.

Alternatively you could email me some pictures. Vinzens Puchner bassoons can be of exceptional quality. Yours sounds like an older pre-war one. It could be a very playable bassoon though. I can probably help further with the key above the right hand B flat key if I see it. It sounds like a right hand whisper key lock.


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