what bassoon do i have

what bassoon do i have

what bassoon do i have    18:20 on Monday, May 13, 2013          

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Posted by parkermun

I bought a bassoon a while back, and I dont know what company it is made by. There is nowhere that it has a bassoon manufacturer. The only markings are under the butt on the back side on the left it has a 3 and on the right it has 624 (both of them are upside down). Thank you.

Re: what bassoon do i have    03:37 on Tuesday, May 14, 2013          

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Posted by contra448

It's impossibe to say without some pictures - many makers have produced instruments for stores & dealers & these sometimes don't get stamped. If you able to tke some, put them on line somewhere (Flickr etc) & send a link it might be possible to identify it. Or send some in an email to me.


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