Kohlert Bassoon...?

Kohlert Bassoon...?

Kohlert Bassoon...?    19:46 on Sunday, September 08, 2013          

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Posted by justo2011

There is another thread posted about a Kohlert bassoon. I recently purchased one with an 18xxx serial number. There isn't a clear answer about what year it may be from and I was wondering if someone can give me some additional information about it. The horn is in great condition and plays well. I'm currently playing on a Kroner and I've always loved it, but I actually may end up preferring this Kohlert.

Re: Kohlert Bassoon...?    02:50 on Monday, September 09, 2013          

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Posted by contra448

According to Maarten Vonk's book 'A Bundle of Joy' (www.bassoon.com) the Kohlert records are not good. Assuming it is a Winnenden made one, they started from 1 in 1947 & 40,000 was 1955.

Re: Kohlert Bassoon...?    05:53 on Tuesday, January 21, 2014          

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Posted by OliverLudlow

Can you post a picture of your Kohlert bassoon? What exactly is written on it, apart from the serial number?


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