IDRS subscription

IDRS subscription

IDRS subscription    10:11 on Thursday, June 19, 2014          

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Posted by WillyVdW

I am new here, I am also quite new to playing the bassoon.
That is to say, I have just completed my first year (successfully :-)
at the local municipal music academy.
Looking for interesting information, I wonder if an IDRS subscription
would be useful for the beginning bassoonist that I am.
It is not easy to judge this from their website since I can't see the content of the periodic publications.
The first place to ask this question would of course be the IDRS itself and I did, but I never got an answer --(
I should also mention that not only is it my first year on the bassoon, this is the first year that I study music at all, probably
somewat late at the age of 59 :-)
Thanks in advance for your comments and insights.

Re: IDRS subscription    17:58 on Monday, June 23, 2014          

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Posted by Drew

Try looking at their forum for awhile - you can do that without a subscription to IDRS. Their quarterly publication slants more toward the experienced musician and you might find you are happy lurking around in the forum. If you are looking to buy a horn, then you might find a subscription handy as you can't work with their Classifieds in the forum without a membership.


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