Bassoon harness hook

Bassoon harness hook

Bassoon harness hook    11:12 on Saturday, January 28, 2017          

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Posted by Bassnoobie

Hello. I recently started bassoon in band. I use a seat strap in band, but I always find It useful to be able to stand up and play. One problem though: there's not a hook to attach a harness or neck strap to. Is there any place I can get a hook, or can I make one myself? Thank you

Re: Bassoon harness hook    03:55 on Friday, February 10, 2017          

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Posted by contra448

There is probably a hole where one used to be. A competent woodwind technician should be able to fit one for you. The rings are not all a standard size & in many cases are missing because of worn wood round the hole, thus requiring more work than just screwing a new one in. If the bassoon is a school one they should get this done - many schools have contracts with repairers.

Good luck.


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