Playing bassoon during pregnancy

Playing bassoon during pregnancy    11:54 on Thursday, April 4, 2019          

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Posted by migdal

Good afternoon to everybody, I have one question (to women – bassoonists :

Did you play the basson when you were pregnant ? Till when ? I know that it is really personal, it can work well for one person and not so good for another one… but it’s my first child and I’m in the state of mind « I have no idea what will happen».

In fact, I’m playing in an amater orchestra which organises a summer « camp » : we will be practicing during one week (about six hours per day) and give the concert at the end. By the time, I will be in the seventh month of pregnancy (end of sixth/start of seventh). I didn’t suppose to come, but I’ve just found out that wi will be playing the Czech suite of Dvorak (among others pieces). I live in France, but I’m from the Czech Republic and I really miss my country… and the Czech suite is really sooo czech and moreover, the part of the second bassoon is really easy… so I would like to go there so much… but I can’t forsee if I will be able to breath, have back aches and so on…

Thank you for sharing your experience with me, and have a nice day !:-)   


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