need help buying a bassoon

need help buying a bassoon    03:29 on Wednesday, June 5, 2019          

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Posted by zero_gravity

Hello everyone, first post. Thanks for any help. I'm not looking for the usual 'how do I get a cheap bassoon?'. I'm looking for some help to find something that fits my needs.

Over 20 years ago, I took music in high school. We had 3 bassoons, all in terrible shape. No idea what make they were. I was the first to play one in over a decade so I worked with what I had, cannibalised all 3 to make one working bassoon. Sort of :p

I played for 5 years to realise that I could not afford one of my own. I was no expert, barely intermediate at best I figure but I did enjoy it and would like to again as a hobby. With a 2 year old son in the home, I'd like him to be exposed to music. This is the only instrument that I know how to play.

Now I do have some money for this but selecting the right one is very difficult because I simply don't know. I can say that I don't need anything high end and have no ambitions of becoming expert level. I don't need the best but I don't want total crap. I'm OK with something well used provided that it is still functional.

I'm not too interested in the plastic/resin bassoons. My high school rented one for me to use since the old wood ones were in such terrible condition. I tried it once and hated it. The sound wasn't right and just didn't feel right to play.

Thanks for any help. Obviously the cheaper the better, but I'm fully aware that this is going to be an expensive endeavour.


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