Hand size

Hand size

Hand size    16:16 on Tuesday, August 24, 2004          
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hey all, I`m going to take up the bassoon here at my highschool, and I`m slightly concerned that my hands may not be big enough. I haven`t tried it yet, so I have no concept of how long my fingers need to be, so does anyone know long your fingers/hands should be? Grazie!

Re: Hand size    23:20 on Thursday, August 26, 2004          
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If your one hand can reach an octave on the piano, your fingers are probably big enough for the bassoon

Re: Hand size    00:47 on Friday, October 29, 2004          
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my hands aren`t very big at all and i`ve never had a problem. in fact when i chose the bassoon it never even crossed my mind that it would be a problem. you should be fine cause i`ve never heard of someone having to small of hands


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