please help!

please help!

please help!    13:09 on Sunday, November 12, 2006          

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Posted by jackie09

i need someone to help me that knows alot about computers. for someone reason my dad has discovered this new thing called parental controls. my dad installing parental controls on my computer really insulted me, i can't believe he doesn't trust me. anyway it is keeping me from sites like trumpetherlad, trumpetmaster, and xanga. i can not belive he does not trust me i never give put information about myself ion the internet. i never give out my address or full name, or where i live, my xanga is only viewable to my friends. please help it really it really made me mad when i could'nt get on trumpetherlad this morning. i'm 16 and i know how to make good decisions. i can't believe he doesn't think i am trustworty

Re: please help!    22:11 on Thursday, December 14, 2006          


ask him if the parental controls have an allowed website option and if it does then let him visit the sites that you like to visit and if he thinks they are ok then he can put them in the ok option. There is nothing wrong with I am 29years old and a new member to it and so far I have seen nothing wrong with the site and its for people who want to talk trumpet. And the people have given me a kind welcome. Good Luck

Re: please help!    16:24 on Friday, December 15, 2006          

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Posted by TCLeadTpt09

i could tell you how to get around it, but you shouldnt go behin his back like that. get him on the sites, let him take a look.


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