Trumpet vs. Cornet

Trumpet vs. Cornet

Trumpet vs. Cornet    19:21 on Tuesday, July 31, 2007          


Hi, everyone!!

I go around to different forums asking questions about the instrument that forum talks about, and it's your guys' turn!!

Anyway, what's the difference between a cornet and a trumpet??


Re: Trumpet vs. Cornet    21:55 on Friday, August 03, 2007          

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Posted by raparri

The Trumpet is longer and has less curves in the tubing. There is more resistance to airflow in the cornet though not much. It can be played more softly with control than a trumpet and has a softer mellower tone. The tubing gets larger in diameter further away from the bell than the trumpet. The mouthpieces are the same as far as cup and ring but where it fits the lead pipe the cornet mouthpiece is smaller and usually shorter. These are my observations not necessarily gospel. I started on the trumpet and like playing both. I hear the newer cornet is more like the trumpet in sound mainly because the mouthpieces are the same. The older cornets mouthpieces had deeper cups and sharper rings, more like a French horn.

Re: Trumpet vs. Cornet    19:41 on Saturday, August 04, 2007          

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Posted by bbrandon

The tubing in the trumpet and cornet is exactly the same in length. The cornet has more bends in it. Think of it as a trumpet that was a little smushed. Cornets in my opinion are more easier in control and have kind of a mellower sound, but the bell is smaller so the sound does not project the same as a trumpet would. Trumpets and cornets are a lot alike, but also a lot different.

Re: Trumpet vs. Cornet    13:19 on Sunday, August 05, 2007          

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Posted by raparri

Yes, I think bbrandon is right about the overall length if stretched out is the same if they are both the same key. When all curved up the cornet is usually a lot shorter, though there are a lot of variations.

Re: Trumpet vs. Cornet    16:28 on Wednesday, September 05, 2007          

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Posted by scorp24

corenet is softer and uses a diffrent mouth piece

Re: Trumpet vs. Cornet    13:21 on Friday, January 18, 2008          

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Posted by Klarinettechica

The trumpet and the have the same tube length and thus are oriented in the same key, B-flat. The difference is that the cornet is 2/3 conical and 1/3 cylindrical while the trumpet is opposite, 2/3 cylindrical and 1/3 conical. This difference creates a variation in the tone color of the two instruments.


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