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Posted by Trumpetman1592

Hello fellow trumpeters, hows it going? Just had a question, but to start off, heres some things about me. Im a sophmore trumpet player, im pretty decent, and right now we are in marching season , but its over in 2 weeks. Now heres my range, and i want to know if this is decent. On about 90% of my days i can get high c pretty easily. not double c, just the one an octave above the one on the staff. Now i was wondering, is this an ok range? I see all these vids of kids goin crazy up to double c's, although there tone quality is garbage, but is this an ok range for my age? i will be trying out for jazz band soon, and am hoping for second chair. So feel free to comment on how my range is so far. Also, leave some websites on good techniques, or warmup styles, or feel free to email me at buckleyboy321@hotmail.com


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Posted by jackie09

Youmr range is fine. You don't NEED a double c.

Those videos on you tube are crap.



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Posted by CP124

I completely agree with Jackie, when I was a sophmore last year i barely had an A above the staff for marching band season and that was on good days. Now my range shot up to double D on my good days, all in all you really dont need that double C if it comes let it come if it's forced it'll hurt you more than it'll help you. Just keep practicing if you want that range to get up and find techniques that work for you (lip slurs, long tones etc.) good luck ^__^


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