Never ever buy a trumpet from Jim Laabs Music

Never ever buy a trumpet from Jim Laabs Music

Never ever buy a trumpet from Jim Laabs Music    21:36 on Saturday, July 04, 2009          

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Posted by gerardo1000

If you wish to buy a musical instrument online, avoid Jim laabs music ( at all cost. I was looking for a cornet
and I found their web site where they sell trumpets and cornets
"made by Schiller, Frankfurt, Germany". I asked info about these trumpets and I got an immediate reply that they were excellent instruments.
I bought a new Schiller trumpet and when I received it I was incredibly disappointed.
The bell of the trumpet was as thin as a can of baked beans. The intonation was off. The trumpet's mouthpiece was unplayable. In summary, a real piece of junk. I did some research and finally discovered that the original "Schiller Music, Frankfurt, Germany" Company does not exists anymore, the
rights to use its name have been bought by a Chinese entrepreneur who builds junk instruments in China and brand them "Schiller, Frankfurt, Germany" in order to rip off poor customers (like me) who are so stupid to trust the name written on a product. I wrote several e-mails to Jim laabs Music, both trough their web mail and using their personal e-mail address, and got no answers at all. Finally, after several attempts, I managed to talk on the phone to some rude guy who told me that they do not accept returns on what they sell, and then shut down the phone. By the way, they DO NOT talk about their NO RETURN policy in their web site, neither they mentioned it when I ordered the trumpet on the phone.
So I am stuck with this piece of junk and I have lost hundreds of dollars. I have filed several complaints, including a complaint to the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin, and I have alerted my credit card company, and I am posting this story hoping, at least, to save some other potential customers from the same rip off. Thanks.


I returned the cornet and finally got a partial refund (they deducted the shipping expenses and
$ 50.00 for "re-stocking fees").

Re: Never ever buy a trumpet from Jim Laabs Music    12:32 on Wednesday, July 29, 2009          

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Posted by Padraig

I was ripped off when buying a trumpet from them in 1998. I asked if they were a legitimate business and their reply was "Are you a legitimate customer?" NEVER buy anything from them. Troy Labbs is a JERK! I read that they got kicked off ebay and banned from paypal.

Re: Never ever buy a trumpet from Jim Laabs Music    15:09 on Tuesday, August 04, 2009          

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Posted by rbdeli

Very sorry about your experiences. It's too bad. Ebay is such a good place to shop for instruments like a trumpet, but you do have to know something about the brand and model. Fortunately, there are places like this forum so you can educate yourself ahead of time.


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