trumpet screams

trumpet screams

trumpet screams    13:24 on Tuesday, July 20, 2010          

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Posted by bulldogboi

does anyone know what trumpet screams are

Re: trumpet screams    09:14 on Friday, August 06, 2010          

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Posted by JonGorrie

"screamers" is just another way of saying high notes, usually from high C to double high C and beyond.

Here's a sample of what trumpet screams sound like:

Re: trumpet screams    18:19 on Monday, September 06, 2010          

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Posted by bulldogboi

thnx nd any tips on reaching these notes

Re: trumpet screams    02:22 on Tuesday, October 26, 2010          


Listen to Maynard Ferguson or Bill Chase. Their "screaming" all the time!

Re: trumpet screams    20:52 on Tuesday, November 09, 2010          


...and if you want to hit those high notes (assuming that you have an adequate mouthpiece and a tight-fit embouchure), suck your gut in, raise you chest really high (and KEEP it there), breath with a DEEP tone to open up your throat, and there is the foundation. You can also jut your jaw (it would feel like your lower jaw is pushing against the mouthpiece) which would give your airstream just touch more freedom to hit the high notes. Just keep practicing and it'll come (for high notes I play on a Bobby Shew Marcinkiewicz mouthpiece (which is small in diameter, bore, and especially length (made for high note playing))).

Re: trumpet screams    20:31 on Thursday, December 09, 2010          

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Posted by DrDave

Have a look at this link from a very accomplished lead player.


Re: trumpet screams    18:18 on Wednesday, December 22, 2010          


This is not to offend or discredit DrDave here. I appreciate his input. However, here's my opinion on the two links DrDave provided:
- This is a good exercise, specifically that it mainly focuses on air and that it "always" work for you. And the notion promoted was if you would follow those exercises you would be playing double high C's and beyond thanks to, exclusively, the air. However, playing high notes, especially above high C (even high D), is not JUST the air. When you play high notes, the amount of air required causes changes in your embouchure position (if your looking to play without any movement, search Armando Ghitalla), the position of your trumpet (varies from player-to-player), and most importantly, the position of your tongue. What good would it do if your tongue is almost at the bottom of the mouth and you use fast air? You would play low notes really loud, but not achieve the high register. When you play high, you arch your tongue so the back of your tongue is ALMOST touching the roof of the mouth (so when you would blow air out with the tongue like that, it would sound like "shuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii!!!!!!!"), and you blow A LOT of air out at a very high velocity. What you can try is to yell out something, as loud as you can. No joke. This way you are doing the necessary steps to play high: chest up, stomach sucked in, diaphragm up, and throat open wide. This site is good as an exercise idea and as motivation, but technically not the best in terms of playing really, really high.
- This seemed to me like a promotional sort of thing. Nothing to find to help you to increase your range, or anything else for that matter. The only thing valuable is the free, minute (or so) long clips of almost every song in his previously released album, and could give you ideas on how to solo. But basically all promotional, nothing helpful.

Again this is my opinion, not to discredit DrDave.

Best regards,

Re: trumpet screams    10:32 on Thursday, December 23, 2010          
Re: trumpet screams    11:06 on Sunday, March 06, 2011          


Thanks for sharing all the videos

Re: trumpet screams    16:29 on Sunday, March 13, 2011          

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Posted by WellHeyThere

Not to criticize belltrumpetplayer, but his method seems to be almost the opposite of what I was taught. Instead of sucking in the gut, expand it and use that pressure to aid in the air flow. Upper chest air always seems... forced in my opinion, and expanding the gut it seems a lot less strenuous to me. But hey, whatever works for you.

Try different methods and, as long as you aren't hurting yourself which is bad haha, practice to work for the higher notes. A common misconception is that you ram the horn into your face to achieve the highest notes which is just blatantly false. at 4:08 is a great example with Doc holding onto a G, taking a hand off to cut the ensemble off.

While Doc is hardly an average example, it's clearly possible. So when going for that extra note don't think about how much harder your trumpet must press against your lips, focus on your airstream and getting higher without permanently adhering your trumpet to your face.

Re: trumpet screams    21:50 on Tuesday, March 22, 2011          

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Posted by Stan12350

the trick to playing high is lots of air
a downstream will help improve your range but its a bad habit to get into because you will mess up you tone and air stream on lower notes


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