My Son the Hurricane - 14 piece Brass Beast!!!

My Son the Hurricane - 14 piece Brass Beast!!!

My Son the Hurricane - 14 piece Brass Beast!!!    14:19 on Sunday, January 16, 2011          

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Jon and Kate Gosselin have nothing on this 14-piece brass monster. This is a full time New Orleans style brass/hiphop/funk machine. My Son the Hurricane is made up of jazz schooled, army schooled, and street schooled musicians.

Hurricane recorded their first recording with legendary Producer Paul Riemens at Grant Avenue Studio (Bob Dylan, U2, Ani Difranco). The fusing of the great producer and the big band mojo made their first e.p. “Check the Barometer” an instant indie hit, garnering major play time on college radio not to mention countless iPods. The music jamming out of those white headphones is a modern take on the old school New Orleans style.

Hip Hop delivery courtesy of award winning Emcee/Producer Jacob Bergsma. My Son the Hurricane is about delivering on all the hype both on record and on stage. With their new full length album to be released in Spring, the band is gearing up to send audiences everywhere into a frenzy! Not to be missed!

See their latest music video for “Ain’t My Style”:

And listen to the rest of their EP at:

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"...There are echoes of KC and the Sunshine Band, or even Earth Wind & Fire, but there’s also a modern coolness to it, and it’s not just in MC Jacob Bergsma’s vocal delivery, which is much more John McCrea from CAKE than Marshall Mathers. ...This is a band of skilled musicians, showcasing what they each do best, and in that, there’s no room for false machismo or bullshit posturing."
- Weeping Fool

"Sounds amazing! Seriously. Instrumentally your music is amazing on its own and then Jacob shows up and gives it a witty,interesting and original voice. The brass is unbelievable!!!"
- Jason Parsons aka Human Kebab of U.S.S.

"My Son the Hurricane, has already built up enough hype to land them a prestigious opening spot for alternative radio rockers USS."
- Chris Illich, The Brock Press


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