qPress: New Music for Trumpet, Immediate Digital Downloads

qPress: New Music for Trumpet, Immediate Digital Downloads

qPress: New Music for Trumpet, Immediate Digital Downloads    14:06 on Tuesday, January 25, 2011          

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Hello trumpet enthusiasts! I have been coming to these trumpet forums for years, reading, learning and following all of the interesting discussions that happen in these forums, from my years as a student and on into my professional life. Since this is a hub of trumpet happenings I wanted to make this my first stop as I launch a digital publishing company for trumpet music.

qPress came about from recent collaborations with composers and arrangers, and a realization among my colleagues that while new commissions and premieres are exciting things for our personal growth, there is a great opportunity to share new music for trumpet with enthusiasts all over the world and help to bring that music to the general public in a variety of very interesting ways.

We are working with composers and performers to make videos of new works to help give context to new compositions (especially those that are more experimental in nature) and we are working with great publishers and composers that have been around for generations to bring staples of the repertoire to a new audience through digital distribution. We are proud to have partnered with Colin Music Publishing to start digitizing and distributing selections from their catalog, and have already begun distributing TH forum regular Eric Bolvin's great publications as well.

I am going to include a few links below so you can have a look at the site and have a little poke around. There are videos to see on some of the product pages, as well as audio samples, and you can click any book cover to see sample pages to get an idea of what is inside. Click the link below to "Like" us on facebook to get regular updates when new products are added. The site is most of the way there, though there may be a few wrinkles to iron out in the coming weeks.

I am very appreciative of the wealth of knowledge that has come from this thriving online community of trumpet players. qPress is my way of supporting great composers who dedicate their time to writing for our instrument, without them...well, we'd be in quite a pickle, wouldn't we?!

Here are some links:

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Thank You 8notes!
- Timothy Quinlan


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