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Posted by Juppy

Hey, can anyone suggest a good mouthpiece for playing above the stave up to about f-g?
i'm using a bach 3c/ 1 1/2c for the tone atm.
thanks in advance


btw, i'm not looking for a quick fix to get high notes, i'm looking to contain my aperture into a tighter area.

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Posted by Juppy


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Posted by GospelJohn

Well, I see that you normally play a 3C a 1 1/2c. Those are what I play in concert band. So I would suggest a bach 10 1/2ew for you. its not a cheater mouthpiece(at least I dont think it is). I went from a D above the staff with my 3c to an F above with my 10 1/2ew after a few weeks practice. But everyones lips are different, go to a local music store and just test a few out.

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Posted by reedy

there are 100000's of different mouthpieces out there! how can we possibly pick one and tell you to get it so you can play a note higher..... a mouthpiece wont let you play higher, mouthpieces have been designed over the years to help change the colour of your sound nothing to do with range! stick with the one you have and try practising? do lip slurs, scales, arpeggeios and lots of long notes and youl get there

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What I found most helpful with improving range was to do lip slurs. It helps build muscle memory when you try to go for that F-above the staff. If your looking into mouthpieces, you might want to look at smaller and shallower mouthpieces. The reason is that the shallower cup, as well as the smaller bore, will increase the speed of your air (let alone create more vibration to get the sound out), thus making it EASIER to get those notes. If you can play high with a 3c or deeper, then you'll have no problems with a smaller mouthpiece.

Hope this helps.


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