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Posted by trumpetfool72

Hello all, it's been quite a few years since ive been on this site but somehow i remembered that all those years ago i had posted some pretty offensive stuff on here that oddly enough is eating at my conciense a bit now. i guess my so "friends" and i thought it would be a fun thing to be internet trolls in school just to try to get peoples goat on this site and cause them grief. we ended up saying some pretty offensive and hurtful things on this forum that while i wish i could take them back now, i cant. so i guess the next best thing is to apologize tho the people i offended. none of the things i said on here were true and if it is, and probably likely that, nobody i offended will ever read this i just want to try to take a step in the right direction as a past internet troll. reformed now lol. and maybe hopefully make the internet just a little tiny bit better place because of it. im sorry.


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