Cornet vs Trumpet? Student vs Pro?

Cornet vs Trumpet? Student vs Pro?

Cornet vs Trumpet? Student vs Pro?    02:14 on Monday, November 2, 2020          

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Posted by jackplans

It appears that almost no one plays cornet, just trumpet. I can't hear the difference. What's the deal?

What is different about the pro models, which cost substantially more?

Are there new mouthpiece designs which make it easier to hit high notes?


I want to improve question


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Re: Cornet vs Trumpet? Student vs Pro?    18:25 on Thursday, December 3, 2020          


I have a friend that used to play cornet next to me in band class but switched to trumpet. It was a few years ago, but what I remember was that the cornet generally had a nicer sound. It was a lot smoother like Horn but in the range of a trumpet. Generally, if you are going to be playing in bands and such, the trumpet is the way to go because you will be able to blend with other players, wheres if you are just planning to be playing on your own, I would say that Cornet is definitely as good of an option as trumpet, or even better depending on who you ask.


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