Trumpet Lacquer

Trumpet Lacquer

Trumpet Lacquer    22:37 on Friday, June 11, 2004          
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I started playing last year in sixth grade, and I started off with a used BACH trumpet. It already had some spots where the lacquer had come off, but it is in worse position now. There are various places where the lacquer is coming off ( the tuning slide, the valves and other slides.) Does anyone know where i could get my trumpet re-lacqered and how much it would cost?
Thanx alot,

Re: Trumpet Lacquer    07:46 on Saturday, June 12, 2004          
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Hi Blake,
I would contact the Customer Service at Bach to get the advice and quote. There is a 800 number on the web site, or speak to some pros in your area who can advise local repair shops who have done it before.

I would check with Bach.

If it`s a Strad, I`d leave it. It adds character with the lacquer coming off. It is a weak point on the Bach, but such a great off the shelf instument...

Re: Trumpet Lacquer    19:36 on Sunday, June 13, 2004          
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You can probably get it relacquered for around $200, but I would reccomend that you don`t worry about it. Lacquer deadens the instruments resonance, meaning you have to work harder to get less sound out. None of the best trumpets have lacquer for this reason. The only problem with unfinished brass is that it tarnishes and corrodes easily, but it can have a pretty patina (darkening of the metal) and if you keep it clean, won`t corrode. Some people are also allergic to it and get what is called brass poisoning, but if it is already wearing through, I wouldn`t worry about it. Raw brass is the way to go.

Re: Trumpet Lacquer    23:00 on Sunday, June 13, 2004          
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thanx fer all ye r help, i wish it was jsut "wearing off" its more like comin off in little chips in the places mentioned. the only place where it wore off was the tuning slide, and i like th elook of it, but the other looks awful


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