Contempory Band - HELP!

Contempory Band - HELP!

Contempory Band - HELP!    02:18 on Monday, June 16, 2003          
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At school, we`re trying to set up a contempory band. Instrumentation is likely to be:

Sax (prob just one, a tenor)
Trumpet (maybe two...)

We`ve also got the option to have lead guitars, extra percussion, flute, violin, and a few other instruments, because the players we have play multiple instruments.

We may, (depending upon the pieces) have a vocalist (female) although we`re trying to shy away from this, and have melodies played by sax or trumpet or something because if you don`t get all the sound stuff just perfect and all that, vocals with inexperienced backing like us is a potential disaster.

Anyway, what I`m getting at is that we need music. We`re not sure if this whole idea is really gonna work, and so we`re reluctant to fork out heaps on buying arranged sheets. So, what we were doing was using music we had (very limited, i might add) and trying to arrange it from there. That`s all well and good, but it ain`t getting very far very fast. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get sheets for such an ensemble (preferably free, or if not then really cheap!!!) The music we were considering - well, there`s a huge list, but here`s a few:

LOU BEGA – Mambo No. 5
GEORGE BENSON – Turn your love around, give me the night,
MIGHTY MIGHT BOSSTONES – The impression that I get
MASTER’S APPRENTICES – Turn up your radio
JAMES BROWN - I feel good
PAUL SIMON – Call me Al
SHIRLEY BASSEY – History Repeating
ALAN PARSON’S PROJECT – psychobabble
KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND – That’s the way (I like it)
ABBA – Dancing Queen,
SISTER SLEDGE – We are family
THE SWINGERS – Counting the beat
HARRY CONNICK Jr – Whisper your name,
SHANIA TWAIN – Man, I feel like a woman
SURVIVOR - eye of the Tiger
WILD CHERRY - Play that funky music
MEN AT WORK – Who can it be now?, Down Under,
BILL HALEY AND THE COMETS – Rock Around the Clock
JERRY LEE LEWIS – Great Balls of Fire
HOODOO GURU’S – What’s my scene
MARVIN (it won`t let me submit his surname, which is G A Y E)/TAMMI TERRELL – Ain’t no mountain high enough
Marvin (as above!!!) – I heard it through the grapevine
Austin Powers – Soul Bossa Nova – QUINCY JONES AND HIS ORCHESTRA

Ok, so you get the idea... we seriously have heaps and heaps of ideas... but we really need help (we`re also happy to accept any more ideas, if you have them!!!) If anyone out there can be of any assistance whatsoever that would be fantastic.

Thank you all so much!!

Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    17:29 on Thursday, June 19, 2003          
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hey jen,
ur ideas sound totally COOL!
but can you add flute and piccolo
in too? thanks.
i play fl. and pic.

well my fav song is over the rainbow.

do ya want more like jazzyer songs though?


Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    18:17 on Thursday, June 19, 2003          
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hey jana, yeah well we`ve got a flute player, and i think we have access to a piccolo so if in the songs we choose it turns out we need `em, then we can. There`s songs like Paul Simon`s "Call me Al" that has a mad pic solo, so if we did that, you just couldn`t do without it.

Neways, yeah, we were thinking stuff like the Austin Powers theme was good jazz stuff; we want stuff that sounds good with minimal vocals and that people can recognise. Either jazz or really overdone 70`s music that uses a smallish big band backing!!! Whatcha think?


Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    08:48 on Tuesday, June 24, 2003          
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i think thats cool.
but may i suggest a cool song?
"Cartoon Symphony" is one of
the greatest songs out there. it has
like looney toones, pink panther,
flinstones, and a whole bunch of other
popular songs in it.
and its not chezzy either!

well ur ideas sound great. hope
ur band does great. u must be a
brave person with a great heart.

Jana ( plz post me back )

God Bless You!

Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    04:28 on Wednesday, June 25, 2003          
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no no, god bless you!! That piece sounds really cool... i`m definately gonna look into it. I mean, everyone`d be familar with most of it, so that would be good. have you played it in a band somewhere?

thank you so much... i really do hope this band works! I`ll let you know if it does! i mean, its a lot of effort (i`ve discovered the hard way) but its really satisfying to be able to play something and people recognise it!!!

hey jana, how old are you? i still feel wierd asking this, but what country are you in?? (its such an "internet" thing to ask... don`t you think it sounds wierd? like, i have absolutely no idea where you are!!! sorry, that`s my philosophising for the day!)

anyway, i`ll stop rambling. Thank you so much for your replies! talk to you soon


Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    08:42 on Wednesday, June 25, 2003          
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hey Jen,
we played "Cartoon Symphony" in our
Another crowd pleaser is ......
"Train Heading West."<that is a totally
COOL song with lots of solos and it
sounds like a train. but u better make
sure that you have all the instruments.
just in cause its also popular with
band directors. after we played it
in band the audience went WILD
( i really mean it...WILD)
well i`m a teenager and i live
in arkansa. where do u live? age?

weird question but.....
what religion are you?


Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    02:32 on Thursday, June 26, 2003          
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hm... now i like the sound of that train one... i looked up cartoon symphony, and i`m gonna get talking to our music department and get `em to buy it!!! We only seem to play really boring stuff... oh, no, well we do have some interesting music, but it seems we keep recycling it from year to year and it gets really boring.

Arkansa? cool... hey, well i`m in australia! bit of a distance thing happening there!! i`m 16 and i play sax, piano and percussion... oh, and i`m catholic. technically, anyway. You`re right... that is a kinda wierd question guess i`ll ask you the same thing! so what kinda music do you like? (as in, to play and to listen to)?

Oh, i just listened to a bit of that train heading west... wow, that sounds really cool. Is it hard?

anyway, i gotta keep moving. Take care, talk soon


Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    09:34 on Thursday, June 26, 2003          
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hey Jen,
yeah...!! "Cartoon Symphony" rocks!
train heading west is a little hard.
but make sure u do dynamics. believe
me their important in this piece!

i am christian. and every week i go to
my youth group at my church.
well another interesting question...
do you believe in jesus christ?

i like to play pretty, upbeat, cool
songs on my flute.
but i like christian music. u should
really try listening 2 it. i know ur
probably thinking like" its gonna
be boring music like what old people
like". but contempory christian
rocks! they also have rap music 2.
i absolutely love that. try listening
2 Jump 5, Staci Orrico, Jackie
Valesques, Zoegirl.
what kinda music do u like?

Jana post me back!

if u can, really try 2 listen
2 a christian artist like Tobymac,
d.c. talk, extreme days, and others.
i think u would like it.

Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    03:50 on Friday, June 27, 2003          
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well, i gotta admit that i haven`t listened to christian music much. But if ya tell me some songs that are good, i`ll download `em and have a listen. i just wouldn`t know where to start

I don`t really have a style of music i listen to... i have a friend who tries to get me listening to smashing pumpkins and muse and red hot chilli peppers and stuff like that (which is a wide variety, i guess) Some of the songs from those artists are good, although some of them are just loud!!! I also listen to some jazz coz i try improvising But i do really like jazz music. I`m generally not a pop music person... you know, britney spears and all that. I guess i like more music that either i can play or that has a bit of meaning. For that reason, i`m actaully really keen to find some of the music you were talking about.

well, i do believe in jesus... i think. I dunno really... i did without question for ages, then in religion at school we did all this stuff that sort of "disected" religion. It was interesting... i really like the buddhist religion, have you ever done anything on that? it`s really interesting and logical. I guess i`m a christian that would like to live more like a buddhist. Does that make sense?

well, i`ll go and make sense of my religion, and i`ll talk to ya soon!


Ps; do you have email??

Jen: please go 2 all sites listed by me    12:03 on Friday, June 27, 2003          
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hey jen,
i dont have email. sorry! just post
me back. either believe in Jesus
or you dont. theres no such thing
as maybe in this case.
well we learned about different
religions in school, but i still
believe in christianity.and i`m
definetily postive that i believe
in Jesus Christ.
um my fav christian band is "Superchick"! they TOTALLY
hey i want u to look at all these

interested in christian music?
please check out these:

Smile. Jesus Loves You!

Re: christian sites    03:16 on Sunday, June 29, 2003          
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hey jana,

so far i`ve had a look at the first lot of site you posted (i haven`t gotten to the ones about music).

ok, you sound like a devout christian who knows what they`re talking about... so maybe you can help here. All those sites have kinda got me thinking, like about what i believe. I don`t know that i believe in god (as such... its` kinda hard to explain). i don`t think that to be a "good" christian i need to believe in god. Is that right? i want to live like a christian... but to me, god isn`t a central figure... i think! I`m a bit confused!

i have a heap of questions, but they`re a bit hard to post on a forum... you gotta get yourself an email!!! seriously, just get a hotmail or something

well, i`m gonna go and keep thinking bout stuff like that... you take care. you sound like a wonderful person, and you can help a lot of people out there.


PS: please get email!!!

Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    18:51 on Monday, June 30, 2003          
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hey jen,
if i were u, i would try going
2 a christian church or christian
youth group. its a chance 2 meet
good friends. and if you go, ask
the pastor or one of the leaders
about ur questions.
but 4 now i`ll try 2 explain
in a way you`ll understand.
well Jesus Christ died on the
cross to forgive every1s sins. thinkabout it... he absolutely loves YOU! he made you. he loves
EVERYONE! (including people u
hate)think now... you have sinned
but all you have 2 do is pray
to Jesus and ask him 2 forgive you.
as simple as that!
Jesus has a plan for your life.
he knows what ur going 2 do in
the future. he just wants YOU
and every1 else 2 believe in


Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    02:39 on Tuesday, July 01, 2003          
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hey ladies

some questions have you found any music for neo swing stuff cause we just just started a band and were looking for songs like sing sing sing and like old big band songs we can make neo swinggy?
if you do find any can you give me a burl.

where in Australia are you?

and Jana which christianity what role does baptism play in my salvation?

hope you guy sleep well and rock on

em amor christao


Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    08:44 on Tuesday, July 01, 2003          
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hey Jen,
please read what i wrote(above jezza`s)
whats up? i was just wondering do
you happen to have your own bible???
its a great book!

Re: Contempory Band - HELP!    04:37 on Wednesday, July 02, 2003          
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hey, how are we all this evening? hm, let me see, i`ve been a bit busy these past few days, then i check the forum, and wow... there`s all these posts!! yay!! anyway, moving right along...
hey jezza, i`m in good ole` brisbane. where you? so have you got anything for this band? i tell ya whats a real good idea... download midi files. Get a program like overture (easy to download) and then you get midi files of songs, and tada... there`s your music! sometimes its dodge, and isn`t written in a way thats possible to play, but its a real good place to start.
so what`s the orchestration of your band? if you find any music... you know where i am
anways, jana... yeah, i got a bible. I guess school`s kinda made me dislike all that stuff. We overanalyse it too much. I dunno what it`s like for you guys, but our syllabus is such that we basically get told it all didn`t happen, and that it`s all symbolic. Fair enough... but it kinda looses "credibility", if that makes sense.
Ok, question for you... well, anyone who really wants to answer it... i know this is a music forum, but this is intersting! Do you believe in fate? i do... which i think doesn`t sit too well with believing in god. That true?
now here`s some religious food for thought. I did an assignemnt on buddhism; here`s a bit of it:

The Buddha said that religious ideas, and in particular that of a God, have their origin in fear. Gripped by fear men go to the mountains, sacred groves, sacred trees and shrines.” It is said that primitive man developed the idea of a supreme being to give a feeling of security. This can be seen at any time of crisis; people tend to develop a stronger faith when they are in need. However the Buddha taught that people need to look past these fears, and instead of reacting and praying to a God, they need to accept the things they cannot change. Buddhists believe that faith in a god is not necessary, as each human being has the capacity to purify the mind. Thus there is no reason to believe in a God for the purposes of “salvation”. The Buddha said; “No one saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may.”

well, that`s just my religious contribution. Anyways, everyone out there take care! believe in whatever it is that makes you a good person and enjoy life!



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