Favorite drum corps/ marching band?

Favorite drum corps/ marching band?

Favorite drum corps/ marching band?    18:08 on Monday, August 28, 2006          

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Posted by brass_bando

Hey, people. I was just wondering if anyone had any favorites as far as drum and bugle corps and marching bands go. So far on this site there have been a lot of jazzy soloists, maybe not the best marching band forum, but still, just wondering.
Personaly, I love the Cadets! The Cavaliers are great too, but have you seen the Cadets show this year? Crazy, man, crazy. How 'bout you people?


oh, come on people, seriously.

Re: Favorite drum corps/ marching band?    00:37 on Tuesday, October 17, 2006          

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Posted by mrbaritone

I like the Santa Clara Vanguard and Cavaliers. They both have awesome drill and visuals. I don't really have a favorite marching band, but one I like to watch is James Logan High School Marching Band and Colorguard.

Re: Favorite drum corps/ marching band?    19:44 on Wednesday, October 18, 2006          


Blue Devils are my favorite. Their show rocked this year... that whole thing with the cross forming into a dagger then the colorgaurd formed a heart around it... Just... wow.

The Cavilers were just as good though too, I just like the Blue devils better because it was the first drum corps I've ever heard of and at my school we use thier warm up exercises (which aren't that easy)

And my next favorite Drum corps would be the one I'm in Not a profession drum corps, but still the only active high school drum corps in america ^_^


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