New member saying hello.

New member saying hello.

New member saying hello.    00:04 on Sunday, September 17, 2006          

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Posted by D-Sephy

My name is Michael Gonzales. I am 16 years of age. I enjoy the piano and the mandolin as my favorite instruments. when it comes to to other instruments, I like the bass guitar, the glockenspiel, and the violin. My favorite musician is Mike Oldfield. I heard "Tubular Bells" when I was 13 and fell in love with it's instrumental beauty. I like CLassical Jazz and New Age. I enjoy Dave Brubeck. and am currently learning to play the Piano. My pursuit will be to learn all sorts of guitars, percussions, organs, and stringed instruments such as the violin.
At the moment I can barely read sheet music. If anyone wants to give me some pointers for the piano, I can reward them with hugs. And I am very secure in my manhood.

-likes: Mike Oldfield. Enya. Vangelis. Dave Brubeck. Ravel (Bolero is GENIUS). Ray (Charles) Robinson.
-wants to learn: Piano, Mandolin, Glockenspiel, Xylaphone, Bass guitar, Acoustic and electric guitar, Pipe Organ, and Tubular Bells.


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