Converting from Trumpetism to Trombonism :)

Converting from Trumpetism to Trombonism :)

Converting from Trumpetism to Trombonism :)    22:16 on Sunday, November 5, 2006          

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Posted by SBock

Hello to all, and a thank you in advance for reading the following words !

Im 15 years old, and I currently play Trumpet for a Ska band that I'm in, called FlapJack. I've been playing for about 3 years, and we've won every competition we've played in so far. I'm playing alongside another trumpet player to make up our horn section, and I was really considering making the switch to trombone to add some variation and REAL ska-ness to our music. **I just wanted to also clarify that switching to trombone is not solely because of my band's music, but I was interested in playing it for school, before i wrote "trumpet" on the sign-up paper. So the instrument actually does interest me quite a bit !

Now that said, is it even possible to adapt to the trombone's larger mouthpiece, compared to the much smaller mouthpiece of the trumpet. Will the two embouchures condradict each other, thus making it incredibly hard to learn?
I was also concerned with the theory aspect. Playing on a different clef, and using different transposition i think will cause a lot of problems. I think the lesson prices are ridiculous, and was considering just trying to pick it up - is trombone an instrument for which self teaching is possible?
And one more thing, let's say I become quite good at the trombone, is it possible to keep up my trumpet skills, or is it pretty much "hone the skills for one, and lose the skills for the other" ?

I appologise for the length, and thank you so much for all your advice and consent on making the trumpet-to-trombone switch!
Have a good night, everybody!

Re: Converting from Trumpetism to Trombonism :)    15:46 on Tuesday, November 28, 2006          

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Posted by MadMan

dude good choises moving from trmpt to trmbn.trombone is my principal intrument but I play trumpet and jazz piano too. The hardest part of switching intruments is reading both clefs. there are some things that might help you
1. the bass clef sgin circles the f. and the treble clef circles the g. they are the same note just doun an octive. its easyer if you compare the note on the trombone to that note on trumpet
2. for transposing trombone is a hole sep doun from trumpet c for trmpt is a b flat for trombone. when you lip slure doun g to c it is the same lipslure for trmbn but f to b flat also g to high c is the same but f to high b flat. you can use the same lip slure execises.
3. try using this to study
4. the first note you should start (play and reading) on is an f(middle) and then play(and lern to read) notes close to it (e and g). when your comfortable comtinue to widen your range. try to lern the b flat scale. (b flat, c, d, e flat,f, g, a, b flat) are most comon notes
5. you can most definatly go back and forth between instuments it will feel wierd at first and it might temperrarly change your tone but if you do it alot you will be able to switch back and forth no problem.

i'm sary if #'s 1 and 2 don't make sence to you. its hard for me to explain. i hope the chart helps you. you should try asking more trombone players some ?'s on our forum I'll look for you to help you some more.


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