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Vocal tuning service    04:23 on Tuesday, May 15, 2007          

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VocalTuning.com is a unique service specialising in the pitching of vocals.

Pretty much every singer you hear on the radio has had their voice pitched and perfected - even if it is only done subtly.
In fact, even a flat or tone-deaf singer can be made to sound like a strong, perfectly-pitched vocalist.

In the music industry today it is essential for vocals to sound as professional as possible, and the results can be amazing.

Whatever kind of pitching you''re looking for, we can help.

Step 1 - You e-mail us your vocal file (wave, mp3 or any other format).

Step 2 - We''ll send you back your newly tuned vocal.

Check out http://www.vocaltuning.com to get your vocal tuned today.


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