An example of a Pit Orchestra "cut" list

An example of a Pit Orchestra "cut" list

An example of a Pit Orchestra "cut" list    11:11 on Wednesday, September 10, 2008          

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Posted by JOhnlovemusic

For some of you who have had questions about transposing and playing in a pit orchestra. Here is a “cut” list I just got emailed from the contractor. We will have two rehearsals. One on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Each rehearsal will last 2hrs 45min with one 15 minute break and then the show begins on Thursday. We are expected to insert these cuts into the music before the rehearsal starts on Tuesday. The music will be on our stands when we get there on Tuesday. I hope it helps some of you who have had questions about the "real"world of playing.


#1 Overture No repeat

#5f Battle Scene starts at measure 20 play in the key of F

#6 Lament cut from measure 41 to measure 52

#7 Dear Boy cut the third verse. As written on weekdays and Sundays with Chris. Down a 3rd on Fridays and Sat with Robert.
#8a Candide's second lament cut verse 2
#14 Entr'acte is cut
#16 Quiet after measure 9 cut the first verse and begin with Cunegonda in measure 34 (it was three years ago)
#17a Monkey Music is cut
#18a Ballad of Eldorado - no repeat
#19 Martin's song is cut
#21 The King's Barcarolle is cut.

There are cuts in the incidental music but that's for me to worry about. If you're going to study from a recording use the one from the Scottish Opera. Bernstein's last recording with June Anderson and Jerry Hadley, has all the music but the tempo's are so slow that if we went by that , the show would last two days. So things will be going much faster. I'm looking to forward to working with you all on this project, it should be great fun.
All the best,

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General Director


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